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Other Certified/Accredited Appraisers in Wine


Appraisers Association of America

Gayle M. Skluzacek AAA
Abigail Hartmann Associates
415 Central Park West, 5th floor
New York, NY 10025
E-mail: gskluzacek@aol.com

Rachael Blackburn Cozad AAA
Madison Group Fine Art Appraisals
200 East 30th Street
Kansas City , MO  64108
E-mail: rachael@mgfaa.com
Website: www.mgfaa.com 

Mr. Charles Curtis, MW AAA
Charles Curtis Master of Wine
322 West 57th Street, Apt. 17H
New York , NY  10019
E-mail: charles@curtismw.com
Website: www.CurtisMW.com 

Ms. Leila Dunbar AAA, ISA AM
Leila Dunbar Appraisals and Consulting LLC
2107 Huidekoper Place NW
Washington , DC  20007
E-mail: leiladunbar@aol.com
Website: www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/appraisers/leila-dunbar 

American Society of Appraisers

William H. Edgerton  ASA
PO Box 1007
Darien, CT  06820-1007
E-mail: wedgerton@aol.com 

International Society of Appraisers

Cris Drugan  ISA AM
1660 Creighton Ave.
Akron, OH  44310
E-mail: Cris@emeraldartservices.com 

 "Certified" or "Accredited" means that the person has passed all  required examinations and experience requirements, and is  certified/accredited in this specific category.